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 Densitometer Model 890 by X-Rite

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Model 890 Densitometer by X-Rite

densitometer made by x-rite 890


Gently used photo Densitometer X-Rite model number 890

This X-Rite 890 automatic densitometer will measure  film, paper, or  printer
set-up control strips. Just insert your strip into the densitometer for
motorized, automatic measurements. Red, green, and blue densities are
analyzed for the HD, LD, and D-Min. patches, then  displayed
and transferred to your mini lab  for calibration.

When you measure  different sized control strips, the densitometer incorporates adjustable
strip feed guides on each side of the control strip entrance. Adjustment is then made by
 sliding the  guides to the settings  for the selected strip.
The densitometer communicates through a standard RS-232 serial port. 

To remotely control the densitometer, you just use the remote control
interface procedure  in the RS-232 Interface documents. You can get these instructions at
X-Rite, Inc. or from your Mini Lab manufacturer.


Key Benefits

  • Extremely accurate reading device.
  • Moderate wear.
  • Very stable readings has a large installed base.


Description SKU # Price
Densitometer sku-1 285.00
Ground Shipping sku-2 25.00
Overnight Ship sku-3 79.00

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