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Below are the links to some of the equipment we are currently offering. Each listing has an inquiry form that you can use to get answers to your questions. You  can also use E-Mail to inquire at the addresses on the Home page.

Focus Scope                                                                             Enlarger Lenses

Densitometer X-Rite810                                                      Bulb / Lamps

View Camera  4x5 Graphic.                                                     Enlarger Timer   Gralab Digital

Lucht VP2                                                                                    Sienna  FP-2000
High Speed Automatic Package Printer                                             Digital Color Printer
Sienna Repri                                                                                Chromira Digital Printer
High End Retouching system                                                              Prints on real RA4 materials

Kodak PVAC                                                                                Devere Color Enlarger
Digital Color Analyzer                                                                         5 x 4 inch originals
Canvas Press                                                                                 Lucht  V7 Printer
McDonalds Canvas or Dry Mount Press                                              Has Accudata / LSB2

Wallet Die Cutter                                                                          Package Cutter
4-Back Wallet cutter by Union                                                              Cuts Lucht Printers                         
Lenses for Package Printers                                                        TruTrak 55 inch Processor
          Matched Multi Image lenses many crops                                       Processes Trans & Paper Media
CVIS Analyzer                                                                                Kodak 11 S
Digital Video Analyzer Computer                                                            Accudata controlled S printer
Kodak 5 S Printer
With Accudata Controller

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